Wyvern Realm - Fjordur

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So survivor, you’ve dared to venture further to find out more about the Wyvern Realm Ark cluster servers? You are a brave one, maybe a little foolish but we sense skill, bravery and wits in you!

The Ark Cluster servers await you, brimming with danger around each corner and step you take, join our fellow intrepid adventurers and explorers as they brave unknown elements, environments and wild dinosaurs. Every action you take will dictate whether you survive or foolishly die.

Can you find a safe haven in time to camp up for the day and night that will follow when your first spawn into the world of Ark Survival Evolved; will you be a lone wolf hunting to survive and obtain the ability to advance in tech to allow you to survive as you delve deeper into our Ark cluster servers world, will you create your own tribe for others to join or even alliance with fellow tribes to work together to prosper in an environment that can be unpredictable?

There is only one way to find out, read further survivor if you dare, and whether the Ark gods are on your side or not…an adventure awaits you on the Wyvern Realm Ark Cluster

Important Information

  • Season 6 Mod List
  • The Season will be on the DLC maps: Fjordur and Valguero
  • The season will be starting from early July – December.
  • The server is PVE. There will be PVP-ish events, however, held during the season.
  • Some Reworked loot tables and a hidden fishing spot, which has reworked loot tables.
  • Max Player level is 105 But can go higher with Chibi (+5), Beating Bosses (+60), and Gathering all 200 runes on Fjordur (+10).
  • Wild Dino max levels are 600.
  • Wild Dino exception: Wyvern: max level: 760, Rock Drakes/Deinonychus: 740,
  • Almost every creature in ARK will be on the server in some way. Though all may not be tameable.
  • The black market this season will be via TC’s Auto Rewards shop and the Market set up on Fjordur.
  • Max tribe members is 6.
  • Each player is allowed 1 base and 1 small outpost per map.
  • You are welcome to stream and/or make video/YouTube content on the server. If streaming the server please make sure to add a shout-out to the server in your title: (ex: Will I die today? Death comes for me on the Wyvern Realm Ark Cluster)

Important Rates

  • XP Rate = 1.0
  • Gather Rate = 3.0
  • Taming Speed = 2.0
  • Imprint Timer = 30 Min
  • Egg Hatching Speed = 20
  • Baby Mature Speed = 30
  • Dino Food Drain = 1.0
  • Player Damage = 1.0

Wyvern Realm Socials

Discord: Wyvern Realm Discord
Website: Wyvern Realm Affiliate Team & Community Hub
L1L_F3LL4’s Twitch: L1L’s Twitch

Players Online (0)

  • None =(

Server Status

  • Game: Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Status: stopped
  • Map: Fjordur
  • Location: Western Europe
  • Created: Jul 4


100% of your donation will be applied to their hosting bill.